Monday, February 8, 2010

Storytime mural 1

Storytime mural 1
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This is Captain Hook and the mermaids from our Storytime mural. Krista Heller, an art student, is the artist. I will be adding more pictures to Flickr to show the progress of the mural as it develops. Because it is the Mary White Storytime Room, we went with a fairy tale theme on the pictures.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week 3: Online Meetings

I watched Libraries to Lifebraries with presenter Helene Blowers, Director of Digital Strategy, Columbus Metropolitan Library, Ohio. In it she discussed steps that libraries can take to remain relevant in the lives of people.

I feel that with the tight economy and even with tight schedules of librarians and other library staff that online meetings provide a way for professional development and meetings between individuals without the travel costs and time. The PhD program in which I am participating uses online meetings for our classes and for meetings outside of class. We have students in the cohort literally from coast to coast and the use of online meetings allow students to participate fully in discussions, presentations, etc...