Sunday, June 26, 2011

Seeing London in 2 days

I knew that trying to see all of the important things in London in two days was going to be difficult. So we have had a couple of very busy days looking at all of the sights and the girls are tired when they arrive back to Pax Lodge. Tonight we tried to come back early, but despite our best efforts, it was late again. So on Saturday, we set out for central London and spent most of the morning and some of the afternoon riding the Tour Bus (double decker) around London and seeing the sights. The busses drove fast, so sometimes it was hard to get pictures. We also went to the Hard Rock Cafe to shop and see the vault. We walked along one of the Parks (Green Park, I think), to look at some art by local artists. Then we caught another bus and finished out our day at the British Museum looking at all of the cool stuff there. I was especially interested in the Mummies, the Parthenon sculptures and the Chessmen. We then had tickets for a river cruise on the Thames and went from Westminster to the Tower of London. When that was done, we headed back towards Pax Lodge stopping at a restaurant names "Giraffe" for dinner.

Today, we participated in the flag ceremony at Pax Lodge. I should have learned the tune of the World Center song before coming, not too good on the singing. We then headed out for the day trying to get to Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard. We couldn't see much though. Then we walked to Westminster Abbey, visited the City Loos (50 pence to go in), the Abbey gift shop and took pictures of the outside. Then we headed to the Tower of London.

We took a tour of the Tower led by one of the Beefeaters and learned alot. We then split up. I went with a group to see the torture instruments, many looked very painful. We also saw the armor in the White Tower and walked along the wall. You might want to privately ask me how I think Henry VIII viewed his manhood with his armor. LOL. I can show you a picture. Then Brittany wanted to see Abbey Road, so we found it and spent a lot of time trying to take pictures crossing it and getting it right. There was a bunch of traffic and a bunch of people there. By this time we were all exhausted and hungry. We headed back on the Underground towards Pax Lodge. We split up for dinner. I ate with a group that went to the George Pub. We had good traditional British food, but alas, no beer, :(

So that is two days in London in a nutshell. Tomorrow we do our tour of Windsor Castle, Bath and Stonehenge.

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