Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day Before Our Flight Leaves

Well, I think that I am ready. I went to the store and got my travel size stuff along with snacks for the trip. I think that I have everything packed and my passport ready to go. My flight leaves KC at 7 pm tomorrow night, so the trip is about 24 hours away. I weighed my suitcase and it is about 35 pounds, so we are doing okay at the moment. I think my nephew wants us to help bring back his books from Denmark, so it may get heavier on the way back. I bought some cute Green Eggs and Ham jammies to take too. I have been reading my Denmark book and hope to have things planned, or at least know about more when I get there. I meet up with my sister, her kids and my Dad in Chicago and we travel the rest of the way together. Just a few last minute things and then I am off tomorrow for my "native land".

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