Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Eating Plan

I've decided that with the big 5-0 looming in my future, at the end of the summer, that I need to take better care of myself.  So one of the first things that I need to do is to lose the weight that has been hanging around for a while.  I believe that by making this journey more public, it will help me to be more accountable and therefore be more successful.  A friend of mine has been doing a modified Atkins diet - low carbs, and has lost about 30 pounds in about 3 weeks.  So I decided to try the same thing.  I was going to wait to start something until after I finished my PhD qualifying exams, but seeing Art's success spurred me to try it now.  

So here I am four days into this new life.  The first day (probably not a good day to start) was Sunday.  Now that in itself wasn't bad, but the fact that we had the EHS Basketball banquet that night, was hard.  But I did pretty well and only snuck a couple of bites of cheesy corn and cheesy potatoes.  So maybe you could say that Monday was the real first day.  Breakfast is eggs, meat, and cheese.  Lunch is meat, salad and vegetables.  Dinner is the same.  I do get to have dessert, sugar free jello and whipped cream.  Three days in and I have done really well.  I want to get on the scale to see if anything is happening, but I am trying to wait until Sunday and the end of one week.  

Tuesday, Mark and I went out to dinner at Chili's.  I went ahead and ordered chicken without the mango salsa, without the mango vinaigrette, without the avocados and without the rice.  After taking to Art, I could have probably had the avocados.  Oh, and I ordered extra broccoli and grilled shrimp.  I have discovered that Subway and their salads are a good way to eat lunch which is why I ate there the last two days. 

My plan is to eat this way without changes until at least the 1st part of July.  Now if I reach my goal before then, I can modify it.  I am going to try to blog about my experience, my successes and challenges that I may face during my journey.

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