Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A treat for myself

So, I have been on this journey for about 2 months now and I hope that there are results.  At times I think that I can see results, but then I wonder if I am just fooling myself.  Some of my clothes actually fit, so then I wonder, have there been results and my clothes were really tight before I started this?  Or am I fooling myself, and the scale is wrong, and there aren't results.  I guess I will need it to be a drastic change before I am convinced.  I have been sticking to the low carb menu and it has worked well up to this point.  I did have some ice cream yesterday, which was the first ice cream that I have had since April.  I am trying new recipes and staying low carb.  I got on the scale on Monday and it showed no change since last week which is 16 pounds total gone.  Then I got on the scale today and it showed that I was down 3 more pounds.  So we will see what happens as the week goes on.  The only change I have made recently is to add green tea tablets to see if that helps.  I have also added exercise.  I put a Couch to 5 K app on my phone and have been using it.  But I wonder about it since my knees are hurting a little bit.  So I am wondering how good it is to run on asphalt or concrete, which is what I have been doing.  Tonight I am going to swim and see how that works.  I can also go to the Middle School track to run which is a little more giving on the knees.  Finally, I want to get my bike out to ride.  Adding exercise to my routine is something that I have been trying to do. 

A treat for myself, was to buy a couple of new shirts this last weekend while I was in Stillwater.  The size hasn't gone down yet, but it was nice to be able to have something new to wear.  And the treat of clothes is better than a treat of ice cream or food, which I need to move away from.  My next treat is to buy a better pair of shoes for walking and running.  My tennis shoes are all at least 5 years old.

So the journey goes on....

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