Thursday, July 7, 2011

2nd Off Site Activity Day - Chocolate

Wednesday was our 2nd off site activity day. Because we were going to a town that was an hour away by bus, we got to take a bus and not walk it. Phew! The town that we visited is called Interlaken which literally means between two lakes because, as you may have guessed, the town is located between two lakes. We headed to the busses at 9 am and had to load quickly because on these small one lane Swiss roads, the bus blocks the road and can only stay there for 2 minutes before being fined. Once we loaded the bus, off to Interlaken we went.

We started our day in Interlaken with a Chocolate Show at a Chocolatier`s shop. The staff member showed us how they make chocolate and also chocolate creations that you can buy. We also had the chance to try different kinds of chocolate. We had some time to shop in their store before heading to the park to eat lunch.

In the afternoon, we had a couple of choices for activities. The majority of the group chose to go Whitewater Rafting. We went on a river that had come down from the glacier that morning and so it was really cold. We wore wet suits to keep us warm, especially if we fell in. The guides were a lot of fun and we went down rapids rated from 1 to 4. It was a good day. At the end of the run we ended in Lake Thun. Near the point where we pulled the boats out of the lake, we all jumped in and swam. Then we headed back to the Whitewater rafting company for some refreshments and to change. I think that everyone had a great time.

The other option that a few people selected was to do some shopping in Interlaken and also to hike to a falls. They enjoyed the hike and did a scavenger hunt in the town.

After we finished with everything we headed back to Our Chalet. Dinner was a Chicken Pasta, Peas and Carrots ending with Peach Crisp. The evening activity was a game that helped us learn about the Centenary Celebration for WAGGGS.

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