Saturday, July 9, 2011

Thursday Offsite Day - A Long Hike!

Thursday was our offsite hiking day, so after breakfast we met and then walked to the Woodcarver´s shop. The shop is really small because it is in one room of their house. It is a family business with the husband, wife, 2 sons and a daughter working with the business. Not everyone could go into the shop at one time so our group split in half. One group went into the hut to shop and buy things that were made. I wanted a music box and Emma got a secret box. I am sure that the woodcarver enjoys the groups coming to buy. The other group went to the next hut which was a Tea shop run by a lady. We bought drinks and she had either lemon cake or plum cake. They were huge pieces. Then we switched.

Then we hiked back to a stream with a picnic area where we ate our lunch.

We cut our lunch a little short because they were afraid of rain. Then we hiked to the gorge where we were supposed to go rappelling (or abseiling). I was a little worried about it at first since I am not very trusting of equipment to hold me, but all of the girls that tried it did great. Most everyone did it, except for 2 girls and 2 adults. Even Angela C. and I did it and let me tell you, we did great also. The staff said that we went through it really fast. It had two parts to the activity. On one section we rappelled down about 30 meters along that rock wall of the gorge. One of the Chalet staff met us at the bottom of this section and helped us onto a ledge. Once you hit this point there was no turning back. Then we climbed on the ledge for about 20 meters and then we rappelled down the second section which was about 70 meters. Once again, a staff member caught us at the bottom and swung us onto a platform in the gorge. It was beautiful with rocks, trees, flowers, running water and water falls. When I first started, I kind of did not move very much because I was a little nervous. The older man that was helping us out told me that I needed to let some of the rope or I would not go anywhere. Once Angela and I got down the first section, the Chalet staff member, Christina, told us to lean back more and to put more of our feet on the wall. It helped. I am so glad that I did it and I think that the girls were also glad.

After we were done, we hiked back to Our Chalet. Both hikes were a little under 2 hours. Since they shortened our lunch and we did the rappelling quickly, we came back to the Chalet earlier than expected and had a little bit of down time before dinner. Dinner was a potato dish with cheese, peppers, onions, and pineapple. Then we had Bread and Butter pudding with chocolate chips for dessert. I am amazed at the amount of potato dishes that the Swiss eat. Also cheese too.

At night we had a Mystery game night that was similar to Clue. The volunteers gathered us all together and told us that Skippy the cat was missing and we needed to find her killer. They put us into groups and we ran around to different locations to find out the location of the murder, the suspect, and the murder weapon. It rained during part of it and no one wanted to go to the campfire because it was a ways away from the main site. At the end of time, they called us all together to see who had the right guess. After that it was a little free time and then off to bed.

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