Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What time is it? Adventure Time!

Today had our first off site day and went to the adventure park. It was a one hour walk there and then at the end of the day, a one hour walk back. I think that all of us are feeling it tonight.

At the adventure park we did several activities around and on a bridge. We started off with zip lines. There were two lower ones and two higher ones. It was a lot of fun. Even our two girls that are a little afraid of heights were able to do them, with some gentle persuasion and no I did not push them. Then we moved to under the bridge for the high ropes course. I felt that the first part of the course was the hardest. It also got hard when more than one person was on the course because the wires wiggled. Then we rappelled off of the bridge. I asked the man helping us several times how strong his ropes and pulleys were. I am not sure that I am supposed to see pine trees from the top down. But we made it. We had lunch and after lunch we moved to a natural climbing wall on the face of the mountain. Pretty much everyone tried rock climbing, even our two girls that are worried about heights. It was a good day and everyone was tired when we came home.

Tonight was Swiss night here at the Chalet. An elderly gentleman came and brought his Alpine Horn to play for us. It is amazing how he gets the sounds out of it like that. We learned a Swiss song and then played Jeopardy to learn more about Switzerland, the people and culture. Then we finished off the event with chocolate fondue. Let me tell you, the fondue did not last very long. And I learned something tonight. I learned that fondue means melted. Tomorrow we go to the Chocolate maker`s and white water rafting.

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