Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Free Day

Today was our free day and so most of us slept in and several of us missed breakfast. I figured that I could get by with just a breakfast bar. We agreed to meet around 10 am to head out for the day. Since Adelboden is not very big and is very safe, we decided that the girls could wear what they wanted to wear. We walked down the hill from Our Chalet and then UPPPPPP the hill to Adelboden to get something to eat and to go shopping. We bought lots of different things and souvenirs for people. But you will have to wait until we get back to find out what we bought, I am not telling. Just think about what Switzerland is known for and you might get a hint. We found a little place that sold cheeseburgers and fries or chicken nuggets and fries and that is what we had for lunch. The man that ran it did not speak a lot of English, but enough and we tried out some of the Swiss German that have learned. He gave use 3 packages of cookies to take back for the girls for dessert. There was a festival in Adelboden today, so we got to see some of that. We left before the gigantic water fight though. We did top into the Shop that the Woodcarver has in town. The son that we met the other day was in there and so we had a good time talking to him.

After shopping we headed back down the mountain from Adelboden and then back up the mountain to Our Chalet. We did not have patrol duties tonight because it is our free day. Dinner tonight was Sweet and Sour Chicken with Salad. We had watermelon for dessert. Tonight everyone is hanging out, doing puzzles, working on the Our Chalet Challenge, and catching up on their journals. I am obviously catching up on the blog.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is our last full day here. Time has really gone fast. I am not sure what my Internet options will be tomorrow and beyond. Tomorrow we have a couple of options again. We can either hike two hours to a gondola, take a gondola up the mountain and swim in a mountain lake, then hike down the mountain. Or hike three hours up the mountain, swim in the mountain lake and then take the gondola down the mountain. Most of us have chosen to hike up the mountain and take the gondola down with about 5 people chosing the other option. We will see how that goes. Then Monday we leave Our Chalet for Zurich. I will get on if possible and keep this blog updated.

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